“Good buildings come from good people and all problems are solved by good design."

Stephen Gardiner




DC Texas Architecture is a design firm located in Waxahachie, Texas. Our work includes Multifamily, Senior Living, Office/Mixed-Use, and High-end Residential projects throughout the state, with the majority of our work in the North Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth markets.  


We offer full-service architectural design, interior design, planning, and project management services, ranging from early project conception all the way through to completion. Our team can also provide early master planning exhibits focused on large-scale land-use planning, urban design, and zoning assistance.



Commercial architecture can range from small offices to retail to restaurants…essentially, if it’s not a residence it can be considered commercial architecture.  We recognize that your building is more than just a structure; it embodies your unique vision.


Understanding that your office is not just another workspace and your restaurant is not merely a business venture but a realization of your dreams, we are committed to attentive listening and dedicated partnership. Our goal is to accompany you on your journey, collaborating closely to craft a space that not only reflects your vision but also serves as a catalyst for the advancement of your business.


A term that encapsulates the integration of diverse functions within a single building or a cluster of buildings. From street-level restaurants and retail spaces to multifamily residences above, the mixed-use concept is increasingly explored, offering a seamless blend of various functions within a cohesive architectural framework.


The utilization of multifamily settings is on the rise as an effective solution to meet the demand for affordable and versatile housing. The term "multifamily" has evolved beyond its traditional association with apartment complexes. Today, it undergoes constant reinvention to cater to the evolving needs of individuals who seek the advantages of communal living. This shift reflects a dynamic approach to housing that goes beyond the conventional, embracing innovation to provide diverse and flexible living options.


From the humblest of small houses to grand stately manors, the aspiration to create the perfect home is a common dream. Residential architecture spans a rich tapestry of styles and vernaculars. At the heart of residential design is the collaborative process of working closely with the client, delving into their individual style and aspirations. Understanding and bringing to life the client's unique vision is the essence of residential design.