We see architecture as service first and look forward to serving our clients by
building long-lasting relationships.

Who We Are

DC Texas Architecture is a design firm located in Waxahachie, Texas, pursuing Multifamily, Senior Living, Office/Mixed-Use, and High-end Residential projects across the state, with the majority of our work in the North Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth markets.  

We offer full-service architectural design, interior design, planning, and project management services, ranging from early project conception all the way through to completion. Our team can also provide early master planning exhibits focused on large-scale land-use planning, urban design, and zoning assistance.

What We Do


Commercial architecture can range from small office to retail to restaurant…essentially, if it’s not a residence it can be considered commercial architecture.   We understand that your building is your building.  It can’t be just another office when it’s your office.  It can’t be just another restaurant when it’s your dream.  We will listen and walk with you through your journey to help create the space that will cultivate and help move your business forward.

Mixed Use

A term that can incorporate any type of function into one building or group of buildings.  From restaurant and retail on street level to multifamily above, mixed-use is being explored more than ever before and not just in urban areas, but in more suburban applications, as well. 


More and more people are utilizing multifamily settings to fulfill the need for affordable and versatile housing.  The term Multifamily is no longer thought of as just the traditional apartment complex, it’s being reinvented every day to fulfill the needs of those who desire the benefits of communal living.


From the simplest of small houses to a large stately manor, people dream of creating the perfect house.  Residential architecture encompasses many styles and vernaculars.  Working with the client to understand their particular style and dream is what residential design is all about.